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Vision Lunch Results

Townfield has had a vision statement for a few years now. That statement says we should be A Christ-Centred Family, Sharing God’s Love. But we’ve not had an official plan to say how we’re going to try and live up to that good, and ambitious, statement.

So, between January and April 2018 we held 3 well attended ‘vision lunches’, to think together about the past, present and future of Townfield, to help us think about how we should move towards living out that vision statement more:

  • On 28th January we shared our memories of when, in the past, Townfield has been most (or least) effective at being A Christ-Centred Family Sharing God’s Love
  • On 25th March we thought about what we do now, thinking about who we are, where we are connected with the wider community, and asking ourselves which bits of our vision statement the various Townfield groups and activities fit into
  • On 22nd April we looked ahead to the future, asking whether there are things we could start, or change, to help us live out the vision statement more effectively

This document (click here to download) is a summary of what we discovered at those lunches, and has been the starting-point for the Townfield Church Committee’s (TCC) thinking about a way ahead. There’s lots of information here, but we thought you might like to see the full details of what we discovered from you at the lunches.